I was amazed at His face,

It was the soul of grace.

I looked each way and thought,

There is no way this could be bought;

I can be a friend in His gaze.


In life we find –

Persons needing love -

That everyday fiber of life –

That fits you like a glove,

For this I recommend you stand

In the grace of God and blend

Into the living of His loving gifts.



(In reference to Romans 5:1-8)

Copyright as an un-published work,

Bruce L Davis, East Moline, Il 07-06-06




February 3, 2006 “Pause to Pray


Pray because of:

-          Wonder (and Awe)

-          Praise (for the Father )

-          Focus your life

-          Finding Truth

-          Learning (through Suffering)

-          Listening (to God)

-          Asking (for Guidance)

-          Witness to others

-          Meeting God



We gather together because of we wonder about thy greatness, and we offer praise to thy Holy graceful nature.  You are the Focus of our life.  In thee we find truth.   We find learning through the life’s tribulations you provide.  In thee we listen, for we need thy guidance.  And out of thy attention we witness to other’s of thy wondrous response.  God it is great to meet you like this, and we hope it continues forever.   Now attend to our service and the needs of each one here this morning.  Bless each with a specific portion of grace, love, and peace.  That we may know you and tell others of the love we find from thee.




Pause to Pray


Be clean, truthful

With purpose

Alive with Spirit

Alone, but yearning friends.

Asking Joy

Expecting energy

Receive courage

Given Love

In God dwell.


Quiet in listening

Hearing need

Trusting God

Given to live.


Believing, asking

In Prayers answered

Love received

Courage embedded

In actions faith

Knowing results

Hope, Love, Joy, Peace

Praying to pause in God.


(Bruce L Davis, Feb 3, 2006, East Moline Illinois USA)



If It Were Up to Me


If it were up to me my friend

Blue skies and rainbows would never end

The sound of laughter on a happy face

With many hugs of warm embrace


If it were up to me my friend

Every minute we have to spend

Would find us with an inner peace

And all conflict would then cease


If it were up to me my friend

Each person we love we could depend

Each day be like a beautiful flower

Refreshed with a lingering spring shower


If it were up to me my friend

All aching bodies would mend

So we could spend time on our gift

That God gave, in praise uplift


If it were up to me my friend

We would not worry what we spend

All would have that which they need

And plenty food we then could feed


If it were up to me my friend

It would be fact and not pretend

Instead release this life a mess

To our God’s gracious goodness


If it were up to me my friend

What He wants us to comprehend

Were easy, but He has a plan

All entwined when life began


If it were up to me my friend

My prayers and desires to you extend

Your every pain of heart and soul

Be forever be had whole


Mary Danielson 9/2004




Written for a struggling young friend - not titled


Each stepping stone along the path

Have different shapes and sizes

Sometimes they’re smooth as glass

Others jagged surprises


Step carefully down the road

Measure the size of each stride

Being aware that you have chosen

Christ to be your guide


So many promises to give you strength

To encounter life with all its joys and sorrows

He will be there every step of the way

He was and will be tomorrow


Arise each day as a new beginning

With prayer and hands up in thanksgiving

Your life will be blessed forevermore

Then happy you’ll be in the life you’ll be living

                                                                   Mary Danielson





My Roots


When I think of who I am today, I go back to the beginning

For it had the greatest influence, my salvation to be winning


Mother has to be the one who pointed me toward the Lord

Having her daily following Him, has made it my reward


She made sure I grew up in knowledge, and in spirit

Teaching the love of Jesus, I will never forget it


She has stayed ever so steadfast to her promise made at baptism

Living it each and every day, has granted her further wisdom


Thank you Lord for a mother who loves each and every creature

Expressing my words in my prose is just a little gift I have to give her


Give her strength to continue Your work, bless all the days that remain

Knowing when she’s called on home, eternal life she will obtain


Those roots are now reaching far and deep, attached with added strength

Because my mother loved the Lord, my life, I give her thanks



                                             Mary Danielson





For Our Sake 


As Mary accepted God's blessing as hers

Although disgrace there might be

Her love of the Master calmed her fears

His obedient servant all to see


She traveled the Bethlehem roads for Christ's birth

 The future was hers not to hold

For God had a plan for His son on this earth

As prophets so long before told


Twas love that God sent Him, the Christ Child, his own

The Light, unwavering, constant and true

Eternal life’s goal, His example be made known

Our challenge, our hope to pursue


Giving freely with love to the Master

As God gave His Son for our sake

A new life of hope, joy and peace will occur

The journey toward Heaven we’ll make


                                                                      By Mary Danielson

                                                                      December, 2003




PD, You and Me


I have a little fella, who is always close at hand

It would be great without him, when I am with friends

But he slows my walk to a shuffle, each hand a useless thing

Until the body comes around, with the meds to bring


He is here beside me, as days become months then years

And with my God’s blessings, there have not been many tears

I have found that there are many things that I enjoy and do

Surprised at the all the avenues, they have sent me to


It all depends, for you to decide, if PD is friend or foe

Your attitude will make your day, either high or low

Myself I’d rather wear a smile, than sit home with a frown

Enjoying God’s creations, from dawn to each sundown


Don’t miss the many joys that this life can bring

The day will come, all too soon, when PD takes our zing

Love each other, for which we are, do not set us apart

Although PD has entered our life, he does not have our heart


                                           Mary Danielson


PD is Parkinson’s Disease




Pray for a lonely person

Dejected and forlorn

Without hope and feeling scorn



For the person who would help

Energetic, concerned, and giving love

Having hope and power from God above


Pray for loved ones and for enemies

For leaders and for followers

For others and for yourself


Pray humbly and reverently,

Obediently and earnestly,

For prayer makes a right attitude,

And a right attitude makes a right life

For the eternity, you may live in Jesus Christ.



Copyright October 1991

Bruce L Davis, Moline, Illinois


“I Have a Friend”    Copyright September 30, 2004  



I have a friend who loves the Lord most of all

Who has a heart for helping when others call

Thoughtful in Word and deed – loving and true

I’m glad I have a friend like you.



My Lord has blessed me with a friend I hold dear

She lifts me up when down through laughter and prayer

Sharing the Lord is how our friendship grew

I’m glad He knew I needed you.



Our gift of friendship is a precious reward

From loving Jesus as our Lord

He is the Friend of friends so cherished and true

We give our thanks, dear Lord, to you.



Copyright September 2004

Kathleen Walters and Mary Danielson

Moline, Illinois




“Have you Felt the Spirit In the Unknown”    Copyright May 30, 2004  


Have you felt the Spirit - In the world conference chamber

- when unity and agreement is present?

Have you felt the Spirit - In the cloud on the mountain?

Have you felt the Spirit - In the music that speaks to you?

Have you felt the Spirit - In the speech of the word spoken?


Have you ever –

Felt unity in a crowd of people, like Peter been Heard but not seen


– Or, like Saul - Been injured and found yourself helpless, Had a real awakening to reality,

Heard the voice of caution, Sensed sadness in a happy face


Bruce L Davis

East Moline Illinois




Thirsting for GodCopyright March 17, 2004  

 John 7:37-39


   ‘On the last and most important day of the festival, Jesus stood up and shouted, “If you are thirsty, come unto me and drink! Have faith in me and you will have life giving water flowing from deep inside you, just as the scriptures say.”


  Jesus was talking about the Holy Spirit, who would be given to everyone that had faith in him. [However, the Holy Spirit had not yet been given to anyone, since Jesus had not yet been given his full glory.]



Let us talk about water or liquid matter in our very own body cells, and the Holy Spirit.   According to learned scientists, deep inside our very own body cells right down to the atomic level, there is actually no solid material, but rather the equivalent of an electrostatic field.


At the atom level, measurement of distance is in angstroms or nanometers. The particles are so tiny that they have very little mass but a lot of energy. Any attempt to observe or examine the minute system of electrons, protons, or quarks tends to disturb the system. [This is called the “Herzfeld Uncertainty Principle”] At this level of understanding or abstraction, a wave of energy is like a particle vibrating in sinusoidal wave motion or vice versa. [This is Wave theory.]


In Quantum Mechanics, the energy carried by a particle in motion is called a “Quantum” amount. Any attempt to impart more energy to the particle will cause it to vibrate at a higher frequency. [This is Particle theory.]  All materials are comprised of zillions of unseen particles vibrating at frequencies characteristic of their energy state, attracting and repelling each other. Through years of scientific searching, scientists discussed and argued for wave or particle theory. Eventually, the Unified Field Theory was developed. This theory, explained by the Schroedinger equation, explains that waves and vibrating particles actually coexist in all matter.  


In a way, the Schroedinger equation is dealing with an explanation of how the Holy Spirit exists in everything. Thus is the Holy Spirit in all matter, and the spirit in you is the “living water” in your every fiber. The over whelming desire to know your maker, or a “thirsting for God” is quickly satisfied by confessing that God is in you, is in control, and that his son Jesus’ life was given up for you, that you might know for sure that the creator desires only the best for you. [This is your own personal “Unified Field Theory.”]


Do not mess up the drama – go ahead and drink from the cup of living water. Enjoy as you drink in the Holy Spirit. Live as though God approved of you and everyone else.


We bring God Glory by becoming like Christ.  If we learn to drink of the Holy Spirit within us, as Christ did, we can satisfy the thirst that we have for God. We can play in God’s world and make God smile.  We will play in the snow in God’s heavenly mountains, and the rivers of living water, and enjoy God’s beautiful world.


Bruce L Davis

East Moline Illinois



“Cleanse Me  Copyright 02-21-04


Have mercy

Look past my sin

I cannot escape from it

My sin is against thee God.

I was born this way – I need help

I know you want me to be truthful

If I am clean and truthful, I can have wisdom


Purge me and wash me

Make me hear joy – not sadness

Look at me with new eyes

Create a new center in me

Make a new spirit within me

Do not reject me

Restore me with the Joy of salvation

Uphold me in thy free spirit


I will teach others and convert others

See not my guilt, I will sing

Open my lips with praise

I will sacrifice my old self and give it up

Be pleased in the new me.


Based on Samuel 11 & 12 and Psalms 51


Bruce L Davis

East Moline Illinois




“See With New Eyes  Copyright 10-28-2003


See a person in a new light.

See an old person in his youth.

See a young person as potential.

See a reformed person as redeemed.

See the redeemed as Not formerly bad.

See the relaxed person as serene.

See the bored person as blessed without stress.


See the Son as the only One.

See God in the essence of your very blood cells.

See your connection through natural laws.

See extreme thoughts as Spirit driven elements.

Rejoice in knowing your eyes.

See only truth - not lies.

Although perception is not reality,

You see, therefore you believe.


If God sees you truly,

You rest in the assurance of reality.

Your peace is perception of sight.


Bruce L Davis

East Moline Illinois



D&C 90:6b

“Every Spirit of man was innocent in the beginning, and God having redeemed man from the fall, men became again in their infant state, innocent before God.”